Missing Light
Sandra Mujinga

In Sandra Mujinga’s “ Every Shadow is the Shadow of Something ”, an avatar is shown being multiplied into a myriad versions that fade in and out of sight and appear to morph into each other and disseminate. The multiple bodies form a pulsing, but also fragile mass, that feels like it could break apart at any moment, but at the same time we are repeatedly confronted with the direct gaze of the avatar’s eyes, breaking with the objecthood of the infinitely multiplied body in flashes of lucid subjectivity. Meanwhile 4 video loops are showing different ways of being in transit, states of indeterminacy. Taking the airport as an image of the ultimate site of indeterminacy, where one at the same time can go anywhere, and also be practically imprisoned, the double exposure of entrapments into never-ending loops disguising as infinite possibilities. Coming from an overarching theme of shadows, as that which is neither light nor dark but the product of both, attaining a substance, however ephemeral, of its own, the body multiple, the poly-body, that both in the physical and digital world is multiplied, displaced, moved, and as an answer multiplies itself, moves itself, displaces itself. Like sitting in an airplane is both the ultimate freedom, and at the same time the least free one can be. On an airplane one is no-where, the body is suspended, not only between the sites of departure and arrival, but also suspended between the source of light and the surface of projection.

Sandra Mujinga, born in 1989, Goma DR Congo, is a Norwegian artist who, while having been mostly active in Malmö and Oslo, is currently based in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: Lovely Hosts, Mavra in Berlin, Real Friends at Oslo Kunstforening and group shows ‘Missed Connections’ at Julia Stoschek Collection in Düsseldorf,Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, APPARAT – Technologies of Persuasion, Kunstverein Braunschweig and Subjektiv, Malmö Konsthall

I know that when you look at me
There’s so much that you just don’t see
But if you would only take the time
HD video with sound
02:44 minutes

HD video with sound
01:22 minutes

Every Shadow is the Shadow of Something
HD video, four channel presentation.Mute.
09:15 minutes
With: Amma Tiwaah

2017 HD video with sound
01:18 minutes

2017 HD video with sound
02:02 minutes