Liste Art Fair Basel 2024

Featured Artists: Amedeo Polazzo, Cédric Eisenring, Adam Cruces, Ludovica Carbotta, Oscar Enberg, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Leelee Chan, Chris Oh, Cai Zebin, Laura Larraz, Zoe Williams, Siyi Li, Nooshin Askari, Nicola Martini, Matti Sumari, Naomi Gamarra, Christiane Blattmann, Ian Waelder, Nora Kapfer, Hélène Fauquet, Raissa Angeli, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Kaare Ruud, Ragini Bhow, Beth Collar, Kamil Dossar, Ludovic Sauvage, Victoria Palacios, Mona Filleul, Roger Muñoz, Hamza Badran, Justin Chance, Max Guy, Sevina Tzanou, Elīna Vītola, Peggy Chiang, Botond Keresztesi, Jannis Marwitz, Melissa Joseph, Dan Herschlein, Y. Malik Jalal, Emma McMillan, Machteld Rullens, Patricia Belli, Magnus Andersen, Sena Sasaki, Nils Alix Tabeling, Agata Ingarden, Paweł Olszewski, Louis Morlæ, Aymen Mbarki, Nidhal Chamekh, Yann Lacroix, Bex Massey, Nik Geene, Nina Hartmann, Madison Bycroft, Anousha Payne, Romane Chabrol, Lucas Erin, Len Schweder, Ivana de Vivanco, Abi Shehu, Linda Lach, Billie Clarken, Thea Moeller

Venue: Liste Art Fair Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Featured Exhibitors: Bel Ami, (Los Angeles), DREI (Cologne), Blue Velvet (Zurich), Bombon (Barcelona), Brunette Coleman (London), Callirrhoë (Athens), Capsule (Shanghai/Venice), Chris Sharp Gallery (Los Angeles), Ciaccia Levi (Paris/Milan), CIBRIÁN (San Sebastian), Clima (Milan), Coulisse Gallery (Stockholm), Crisis (Lima), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels/Zurich), diez (Amsterdam), Edouard Montassut (Paris), Galerie Lars Friedrich (Berlin), eins (Limasol), Femtensesse (Oslo), François Ghebaly (Los Angeles), Galerie Khoshbakht (Cologne), Wschód (Warsaw/New York), Galerie Valeria Cetraro (Paris), Gallery Vacancy (Shanghai), Gauli Zitter (Brussels), General Expenses (Mexico City), Gian Marco Casini Gallery (Livorno), Ginny on Frederick (London), Tara Downs (New York), Good Weather (North Little Rock/Chicago), Kendall Koppe (Glasgow), Kogo (Tartu), Laurel Gitlen (New York), Longtermhandstand (Budapest), Lucas Hirsch (Düsseldorf), Margot Samel (New York), Matthew Brown (New York), Murmurs (Los Angeles), PHILIPPZOLLINGER (Zurich), PAGE (NYC) (New York), Parallel Oaxaca (Oaxaca), palace enterprise (Copenhagen), Petrine (Paris), Piktogram (Warsaw), Rose Easton (London), Selma Feriani (Tunis), Seventeen (London), Shore (Vienna), Silke Lindner (New York), sissi club (Marseille), Sperling (Munich), suns.works (Zurich), The Ryder (Madrid), Voloshyn Gallery (Kyiv/Miami), wanda gallery (Warsaw), Wonnerth Dejaco (Vienna)

Date: June 10 – 23, 2024

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists, galleries and Liste Art Fair Basel

Basel, Switzerland 22 May 2024 – Liste Art Fair, Basel announces the 29 edition of the pioneering art fair that aims to champion emerging galleries and outstanding artists while showcasing a younger generation who represent the latest developments and trends in contemporary art.

This year the celebrated art fair that opened its doors for the first time in 1996, will showcase 91 galleries from 35 countries around the globe. There will be 75 solo and 16 group presentations exhibited alongside 5 joint booths resulting in more than 100 differing cultural voices being amplified to an international audience during the fair. Liste is unique in that it is the only art fair where two thirds of the galleries are showing a single artist exhibition resulting in the curating of, over 70 solo exhibitions cementing its position as a pioneering champion of contemporary artists and the art sector.

The galleries planned presentations manifest clearly that in the current art landscape there is a pertinent tendency to explore the complex relationship between humans and the environment demonstrating the sense of urgency to highlight ecological, social and political issues while another key theme resonating with artists includes a reflection on time, memory and transience. Visitors at Liste 2024 will engage with artists who use their practice to explore the ephemeral nature of the human experience and the inevitable confrontation with morality and loss.

Peter Bläuer, Co-Founder, Liste Art Fair, Basel, has managed Liste for 23 years and led it to its great success. This year he has stepped in as artistic director on an interim basis and commented: “Almost every young gallery still applies to Liste and wants to be part of this important platform in Basel. This year, we are once again able to present the most promising new galleries and their artists to an international audience of experts. It makes me very happy to once again work with Stiftung Liste Basel on this important task of helping to promote a future generation of galleries. What could be better than supporting and helping? So, dear experts! take a good look! There is a lot to discover again this year.”

Reto Nussbaum, Commercial Director, Liste Art Fair, Basel 2024, commented: “We took our core task, which is to find the most exciting up-and-coming galleries, very seriously once again this year. With great joy and endless thanks to my team and my co-director Peter, we are looking forward to a fantastic 2024 edition.”

This year Liste will host 23 new galleries who will be exhibiting at Liste for the first time, including Coulisse from Stockholm; Cylinder and P21 from Seoul; Gauli Zitter from Brussels; Longtermhandstand from Budapest; murmurs from Los Angeles; Rele from Lagos; Silke Lindner from New York; sissi club from Marseille; Yutaka Kikutake from Tokyo; and a. Squire, Brunette Coleman and Rose Easton, all from London.

A lasting tradition of Liste will also be resumed with daily performances by cutting-edge artists. Special project “Mythic Beings” curated by Elisa Lammer considers some utopias’ blueprints of anti­normative potentials. For the 20 time the The Helvetia Art Prize will be presented with a solo show. As every year, the HEK (House of Electronic Arts) presents the latest media art. Additionally, Berlin’s “do you read me?” curates Liste’s first ever bookstore.

Amedeo Polazzo and Cédric Eisenring at Bel Ami, Los Angeles and DREI, Cologne

Adam Cruces at Blue Velvet, Zurich

Ludovica Carbotta at Bombon, Barcelona

Oscar Enberg at Brunette Coleman, London

Vasilis Papageorgiou at Callirrhoë, Athens

Leelee Chan, Chris Oh and Cai Zebin at Capsule, Shanghai/Venice

Laura Larraz at Chris Sharp Gallery, Los Angeles

Zoe Williams at Ciaccia Levi, Paris/Milan

Siyi Li and Nooshin Askari at CIBRIÁN, San Sebastian

Nicola Martini at Clima, Milan

Matti Sumari at Coulisse Gallery, Stockholm

Naomi Gamarra at Crisis, Lima

Christiane Blattmann at Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels/Zurich

Ian Waelder at diez, Amsterdam

Nora Kapfer and Hélène Fauquet at Edouard Montassut, Paris and Galerie Lars Friedrich, Berlin

Raissa Angeli at eins, Limasol

Clémence de La Tour du Pin and Kaare Ruud at Femtensesse, Oslo

Ragini Bhow at François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

Beth Collar at Galerie Khoshbakht, Cologne and Kamil Dossar at Wschód, Warsaw/New York

Ludovic Sauvage at Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris

Victoria Palacios at Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai

Mona Filleul at Gauli Zitter, Brussels

Roger Muñoz at General Expenses , Mexico City

Hamza Badran at Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno

Justin Chance at Ginny on Frederick, London and Tara Downs, New York

Max Guy at Good Weather, North Little Rock/Chicago

Sevina Tzanou at Kendall Koppe, Glasgow

Elīna Vītola at Kogo, Tartu

Peggy Chiang at Laurel Gitlen, New York

Botond Keresztesi at Longtermhandstand, Budapest

Jannis Marwitz at Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf

Melissa Joseph at Margot Samel, New York

Dan Herschlein at Matthew Brown, New York

Y. Malik Jalal at Murmurs, Los Angeles

Emma McMillan at PHILIPPZOLLINGER, Zurich

Machteld Rullens at PAGE (NYC)

Patricia Belli at Parallel Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Magnus Andersen at palace enterprise, Copenhagen

Sena Sasaki at Petrine, Paris

Nils Alix Tabeling, Agata Ingarden and Paweł Olszewski at Piktogram, Warsaw

Louis Morlæ at Rose Easton, London

Aymen Mbarki, Nidhal Chamekh and Yann Lacroix at Selma Feriani, Tunis

Bex Massey at Seventeen, London

Nik Geene at Shore, Vienna

Nina Hartmann at Silke Lindner, New York

Madison Bycroft at sissi club, Marseille

Anousha Payne at Sperling, Munich

Romane Chabrol, Lucas Erin, and Len Schweder at suns.works, Zurich

Ivana de Vivanco at The Ryder, Madrid

Abi Shehu at Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv/Miami

Linda Lach and Billie Clarken at wanda gallery, Warsaw

Thea Moeller at Wonnerth Dejaco, Vienna