Soufleuse Broke Free at Kornhäuschen

Artists: Emilie Viktoria Kjær, Sonia Knop, Lydia Ericsson Wärn

Exhibition title: Soufleuse Broke Free

Venue: Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Date: June 29 – September 16, 2018

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg

‘Shooting at beautiful symbols We listen and we hear of A palace
Quite like this one here close to us But not the quite same’
Monday, 29 th of June 1702

I wake up to the heavy bells from the church. Feeling drowsy I try to recall how I ended up in this bed with rosy satin cushions. Ja, genau. A smile stretches across my face when thinking of how we at first hid underneath the tree when the rain caught us but then just decided to get wet and walk to your parental residence. “I mean it’s June”. They call me down and I hurry up. “Good morning, how..”. I get stuck as my glance stops at the massive silver chandelier with as many diamonds as fish scales. They look puzzled and repeat “Lovely morning. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour” and leave with raised eyebrows as their advice is required in the kitchen. For another minute, I look at this object that in the moment seems to hold the palace together. Then quickly, I tiptoe my way out and walk up the little alley. Out of sight I start to run. “the future is so into you, the future is so into you” I keep repeating to myself.

Kornhäuschen is pleased to present an exhibition of three young artists from Denmark, Sweden and Russia. The exhibition Souffleuse Broke Free revolves around the idea of reversing the private through the narration of a home. At home understood as a place with which many memories are connected, home understood as a state of consciousness. The narrative sheds light on the tension between the private and the public in the domestic sphere and its boundaries. What remains is a projection screen for the viewer, much like a backdrop for the audience in the theater.

Viktoria Kjær (* 1994 in Copenhagen, Denmark), Sonia Knop (* 1995 Tomsk, Russia), Lydia Ericsson Wärn (* 1994, Stockholm, Sweden) have been studying at the Städelschule Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Frankfurt / Main since 2016.