Circadian Rhythm by Frederik Heyman

Desire to overcome humanity has granted us a series of spaces within which will plays no significant role, communication is controlled and bodily functions are enabled depending on systemic demand. Human nature is never ignored, rather it is understood and deployed to exceed itself.



Additive rather than substitutive. Immanent rather than transcendent.

video, loop, 2017

Use what you have and continue from there on. Time, water and space can be recycled, adjusted and improved. In absence of nature, all containers of organic matter should be cherished as protectors of life’s prerequisite.


In the unlikely event of

video, loop, 2017

Mechanically induced movement affirm the photographic stillness of the portrayed. A text informs the porters: “virtuality counterposes itself to history, as invasion to accumulation. It is matter as arrival, even when camouflaged as a deposit of the past.” Emotions are not to be ignored, yet insignificant unless able to produce yield.


Waste Mould

video, loop, 2017
sound: Kwinten Van Laethem

Disaster is an esthetic term, too sentimental and limited in scope. Whether through labor, intellect, or organic decay, pre-enacting disasters is an opportunity to learn. As long as memory is diverted, perpetuation is assured.



video, 2017
sound: Kwinten Van Laethem

A play in one act: Locked in a mechanistic armor, characters are instructed to re-enact variations on a cut-up scenario. Although dialogue is prompted, no words should be uttered. Interaction is only suggested to induce anticipation, generate heat, but not enough to evoke the uncomfortable prospect of intimacy.


EAST WIND & Sample Unit

video, 1’48”, 2017

For an autarky to be sustainable, isolation is a plus. If this is not feasible, go for a closed system and aim for constant enthalpy. Closed systems, unlike isolation, do not offer protection from externally inflicted operational losses. In a sense, one should always anticipate destruction.

All text by Daan Milius for Circadian Rhythm