SCREEN: Back Row by Tobias Kaspar


Video by: Tobias Kaspar

Title: Back Row

Curated by: Domenico de Chirico

Screening: May 31 – June 21, 2016

Year: 2016

Duration: 21’02”

Back Row (2016) is with Hydra Life (2013) and Black Noire (2014) part of the Surface Apparent trilogy which was produced and directed by Tobias Kaspar from 2013 to 2016. Facial cream, hotel bathroom, bathrobe, socks, red face, youth, concept store, fashion boutique, textile, architecture, skin, mannequins, chains, surface, dry cleaning steam, towels, hands, jewellery, Berlin Rom, Rio de Janeiro.

Back Row has been filmed in a professional dry cleaning space in Rio de Janeiro and Rome. The camera follows closely a model working with the staff of the dry cleaning, ironing, steaming, washing, hanging and folding sheets … the camera moves on a micro level between textile, architecture and skin surfaces hardly ever offering an overall glimps of the space, rather detecting it through scapel a like camera drives through the enire scenario, cutting and cropping space and material.

Courtesy: Back Row (2016) courtesy Tobias Kaspar, Galerie Peter Kilchmann and Silberkuppe Berlin