SCREEN: A Dry Rag on the Bottom of the Sea Floor by Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová

Artists: Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová

Title: A Dry Rag on the Bottom of the Sea Floor

Curated by: Christina Gigliotti

Screening: December 5 – 22, 2019

Duration: 1’01”

In A Dry Rag on the Bottom of the Sea Floor, human gestures appearing at first glance to be engaged in a quotidien argument transform once juxtaposed with the sounds of dolphins. The video is an experiment in creating threads that connect human and animal forms of communication in order to expose the hierarchy of with which our reality is structured and break the boundaries between the species.

Artistic cooperation between Barbora Fastrová (b. 1988, lives and works in Prague)  and Johana Pošová (b. 1985, lives and works in Prague) started in 2014 at Berlínskej Model in Prague. Since this time, the duo has created multiple exhibitions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.The duo are interested in places where humans have no control over nature. In their work, they thematize the contrast between two worlds–the controlling and the coalescing. They are interested in the phenomenon of artificial environments with exotic fauna/ ora or the spiritual, magical connection to nature, life and the body, which in the past wasn’t tolerated by western society. They explore these topics on a personal level as individuals struggling with the burden of their society’s past and present.

Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová have held solo exhibitions at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2018), Temporary Parapet in Bratislava, SK, Galerie města Třince (2018) , Třinec, Czech Republic (2018), Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna in Prague (2017), and Syntax in Lisbon, Portugal (2016).