Piotr Makowski at Antoine Levi


Artist: Piotr Makowski

Exhibition title: Modern series

Venue: Antoine Levi, Paris, France

Date: November 21, 2014 – January 14, 2015

Photography: Claire Dorn. Courtesy of Antoine Levi

For his second solo exhibition at Galerie Antoine Levi, Piotr Makowski (Gdynia, 1985) presents a new body of works entitled Modern series.

The central theme of those works is a re flection about colour and its compositions potentials, especially the building up of a painting though the tonal gradients.

For Makowski, painting is a perpetual renewal, each completed work becomes a new basis for the forthcoming ones. Drawing his inspiration from the « Raster » (2010) and « Neopopavangarde » (2010-2012) series, Makowski develops chromatic landscapes in which the accumulation of pigments create actual semantic cores.

Withdrawing from the predominance of primary colours – the protagonists of his early paintings – Makowski examines new nuances thanks to spray-painted colour fields and superimpositions of shapes, arranging a landscape that is polymorphous and abstract at the same time, summarised in the gallery’s site-speci fic wallpainting.




Kompozycja FL-05

Kompozycja FL-08

Kompozycja FL-09

Kompozycja FL-04




Kompozycja FL-06

Kompozycja FL-12

Kompozycja FL-13

Kompozycja FL-03

Kompozycja FL-10-F-11

Kompozycja FL-07

Kompozycja FL-02


Kompozycja FL-01