Philipp Simon at Schiefe Zähne

Artist: Philipp Simon

Exhibition title: Die dritte Person

Venue: Schiefe Zähne, Berlin, Germany

Date: January 20 – March 23, 2018

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

left side:

image, natural, drama, man, life, wind, boredom, isolation, handsome, q&d, freedom, vangogh, desire

image, natural, drama, property, delimit, reproduce, advertising, mercedes, conserving, clear, satisfaction, hope, hopepapers

image, natural, drama, bird, friendly, pencildrawing, flower, naive, chagall, dearly, evening, conversation, sunrise, sunset

image, natural, drama, bauhaus, construction, entire, geometric, schlemmer, ultrayellow, hope, progress, delimit, mot, believe, bluescreen, sky, future

image, natural, drama, humanplant, longing, wrong, dimension, bummer, decision, A5, fragment, motivation, inhabitant, hope

image, natural, drama, children, polity, thread, above-average, plantation, ecosphere, capital, performance, forbidden, harvest, sexuality, collective, river

image, natural, drama, story, nighttime, bar, billard, barock, refusal, history, imitation, adult, beer, boredom, smoke, desire

image, natural, drama, village, mother, boy, resistance, feininger, tubism, empathy, daskindwillnichtzumimpfengehen

right side:

image, natural, drama, father, girl, daring, prison, bald, touch, love, delaunay, protection, prophylaxes, aware, violation, harm

image, natural, drama, story, paris, kitchen, imagination, sensitive, love, choreography, isolation, stereotype, clean, water

image, natural, drama, chicago, event, game, private, untrained, avantgarde, love, skin, replace, accusation, control, chagall, communication, fade

image, natural, drama, mellow, acute, glas, bird, fly, fall, immediate, sight, spectator, differance, grateful, shy, underrated

image, natural, drama, others, situation, voyeuristic, behavior, kirchner, city, bw, afterwards, gray, 1900

image, natural, drama, trader, desert, meltdown, cute, emotion, reveal, exhaustion, dowjones, right, wrong, relieve, payout