Ola Vasiljeva at BOZAR

Ola Vasiljeva 29

Artist: Ola Vasiljeva

Exhibition title:  The Limp of A Letter

Venue:  BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

Date: February 13 – May 31, 2015

Photography: Images courtesy of the artist, Galerie Antoine Levi and BOZAR

Ola Vasiljeva (LV/NL, 1981) works in various media, ranging from video to sculptural pieces, found and modified objects, printed matter and poetry.

Her installations form ambiguous, absurd compositions, where the arrangement of the objects often resembles a theatrical scenery.

The Limp of A Letter” is an installation that stems from the artist’s continuous interest in the play with language. Here the language itself is used not as a tool to build a linear narrative, but as a speculative substance, as one of the materials used to create the work.

The Limp of A Letter” departs from the linear basis of the language, which represents rationalism, logic, sense and even power and moves to fragmentation, dismemberment delay, disconnectedness. Here the intermission is the main act, the backstage triumphs over the center stage, nonsense triumphs over the meaningful, fragmentation over unity, isolated syllables over the linear language and distorted patterns over logical constructions.

The line is kept blurry between staged and spontaneous, mimicry and fiction.

Ola Vasiljeva is the founder of OAOA (The Oceans Academy of Arts) an amorphous artist collective which functions as a vessel for ideas about art and ways of showing art works.

Ola Vasiljeva 22

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_The Limp of A Letter_ video still 1

Ola Vasiljeva 24

Ola Vasiljeva 25

_The Limp of A Letter_ 35 mm slide

Ola Vasiljeva 34

Ola Vasiljeva 31

_The Limp of A Letter_ video still 2

_The Limp of A Letter_ video still 3

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