Nancy Lupo at 1857

15-Nancy Lupo-Lake-1857

Artist: Nancy Lupo

Exhibition title: The Third Badger

Venue: 1857, Oslo, Norway

Date: September 4 – November 11, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy the artist and 1857, Oslo

In America, Rubbermaid® BRUTE® containers are ubiquitous, meaning that they can be found all over the place, in malls, hospitals, parks, and prisons. For this reason they are also hard to see. Factually speaking, this is the opposite of a hallucination. A hallucination is where you see things that are not there, in this case however, you omit from vision things that are there.

Through The Woofer™, a dog coat with stereo speakers built into it, we are presented with the following image:

You enter a room. You have never been there before, but the scene is somehow familiar. There appears to be a table where the table should be, a steamer trunk where you would expect it, a grain silo, the pool, etc. When you try to look closer though, you can’t. Everything is blurry or wet, like you are drunk or like you are lost somewhere in the New Mexican desert. It appears that there is a lake in the distance.

Mary Ellen and her husband Tom are in town and we are all sharing a meal together. Over chicken and penne Mary Ellen tells me about the problems she’s having with badgers. At night they are getting into the trash. They have figured out how to lift up the lid and then leave a trail of chicken bones and kitty litter in the driveway. She called Animal Control to see if they could set traps but they told her there was nothing they could do. She decides to fill the containers with water. When the badger opens the lid he falls into the water and drowns. Mary Ellen said she got rid of more than a dozen badgers before her neighbors called Animal Control on her.

As you approach the lake, it evaporates.

I picture this dissolution as the embalming of a deity, the making of a mummy, only in reverse.

1857 is over the moon to present the first solo exhibition of Nancy Lupo in Europe, meaning that we’re intrigued and puzzled by the work at hand, and eager to let time supply us with clues.

01-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

02-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

03-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

04-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

05-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

06-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

07-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015

08-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015

09-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015

10-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015

11-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015 (detail)

12-Nancy Lupo-Train-1857

Nancy Lupo, Train, 2015 (detail)

13-Nancy Lupo-Steamer Trunk-1857

Nancy Lupo, Steamer Trunk, 2015

14-Nancy Lupo-Steamer Trun-1857

Nancy Lupo, Steamer Trunk, 2015

15-Nancy Lupo-Lake-1857

Nancy Lupo, Lake, 2015

16-Nancy Lupo-Lake-1857

Nancy Lupo, Lake, 2015

17-Nancy Lupo-Lake-1857

18-Nancy Lupo-Lake-1857

19-Nancy Lupo-Pool-1857

20-Nancy Lupo-Pool-1857

Nancy Lupo, Pool, 2015

21-Nancy Lupo-Grain Silo-1857

22-Nancy Lupo-Grain Silo-1857

23-Nancy Lupo-Table-1857

Nancy Lupo, Table, 2015

24-Nancy Lupo-Table-1857

25-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

26-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

28-Nancy Lupo-The Third Badger-1857

27a-Nancy Lupo-Etc-1857

Nancy Lupo, Etc., 2015

27b-Nancy Lupo-Etc-1857