Michael Debatty and Noah Barker at Exo Exo


Artists: Michael Debatty and Noah Barker

Presented by: Exo Exo and Lodos

Venue: Exo Exo, Paris, France

Date: June 23 – 30, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists, Exo Exo, Paris and Lodos, Mexico City

Exo Exo, Paris, and Lodos, Mexico City, have integrated activities. At a macro level both acknowledge the broader responsibility to develop a new kind of engagement. At the micro level it remains necessary to promote additional points of view while looking for willing partners as a means of building alliances and building coalitions. As a gap opens up within the engagement, between expectation and product, it creates a space for alternative visions. What we see play out is a battle of ideas within a common agenda. It is a battle that ultimately is a challenge to consensus and a challenge to the interconnectedness both are committed to. This is not to conclude the engagement as ineffectual in furthering the collective interests; rather it invites a time for sober second thoughts and doses of pragmatism.

Michael Debatty is an artist working in Liège.
Noah Barker is an artist working in New York.
Exo Exo is a curatorial program and a non-for-profit exhibition space in Paris.
Lodos is an exhibition space in Mexico City.









Noah Barker, Manufactured Ground, 2016. Powder coated stainless steel, Variable dimensions



Noah Barker, Facilitating Mechanisms, 2016. Press release with text derived from collected statements made by Thomas Shannon, US Department of State Assistant Secretary of Western Hemisphere Affairs on 6 May, 2006 to the Council of the Americas; exhibition map; exhibition visual


Michael Debatty, Trash Talk, 2016. Air brush and Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 150 cm


Michael Debatty, Alea Jacta Est, 2016. Air brush and Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 150 cm


Michael Debatty, Jumbo Jet, 2016. Air brush and Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 150 cm


Noah Barker, Michael Debatty, Oh me (Suspended), 2016 (detail). Air brush and Acrylic on Canvas, Gels, Variable dimensions