Martin Kohout at Polansky Gallery

Artist: Martin Kohout

Exhibition title: Shade at the Shapes without Names headquarters

Curated by: Jiří Havlíček

Venue: Polansky Gallery, Prague, The Czech Republic

Date: May 24 – July 14, 2018

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Polansky Gallery

Dear friends, colleagues,
and friends of colleagues,

Our department of ThingsThatTakeTooMuchSpaceInOurStorage-Coordination has recently brought to our attention that there are several items in our catalogue of ThingsMartinKohoutMadeRecently, butYouHaven’tSeemThemIRLquiteYet that need to be temporarily displaced from our storage facilities and hung somewhere else. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to inform you that we have again partnered with Polansky Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic, our temporary display location solution for the aforementioned items.

The advisors at Shapes Without Names headquarters

If you were wondering about the music playing on our radio, the songs were produced by
+you & space x (song: go home), 7038634357 (song: No Hate Is A Cold Star), and Hans Appelqvist (song: How Come).