Marc Camille Chaimowicz at Cabinet

Artist: Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Exhibition title: Paintings…

Venue: Cabinet, London, UK

Date: February 29 – March 28, 2020

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Cabinet, London

The current exhibition by Marc Camille Chaimowicz presents an interior space; aesthetic, metaphysical and architectural. The layout is defined by decorated staging which conducts the viewer through the space. The lighting is low, points of view oblique, the edges of set and subject are blurred. The title Paintings… touches everything in the show, questioning and asserting its status, suggesting more a condition of things, all considered as painting.

The exhibition takes as its starting an installation previously conceived for the Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover and shown in 2018. On that occasion the installation, entitled One to One, the artist created a scale model of his current apartment, which is located two floors above the Cabinet Gallery.

Now here, two floors below, the artist has reconfigured the structure so that it is closer to a memory of the space, with perspectives shifted and sight lines opened where once there were concealing walls. The artist has introduced fixtures and fittings, transposed from the apartment above, and installed in imagined correspondence.

A number of paintings, sculptures and applied art objects are assigned an open role within this scenario; progenitors of a particular sensibility, the accommodation of which this exhibition embodies.

Cabinet, 2020