Luis Bisbe at Galería Alegría

Artist: Luis Bisbe

Exhibition title: disconjunctivity

Venue: Galería Alegría, Madrid, Spain

Date: February 8 – March 14, 2020

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Galería Alegría, Madrid

The proposals presented by luis bisbe in the Galería Alegría are ordered and disordered based on the attractions and repulsions that arise between the diverse elements that constitute them, establishing both natural and artificial concordances and conflicts, through which they are temporarily linked. Disconjunctivity brings together relations, abilities and potentialities, similar or opposing, which are displayed in the form of a fixed set. However, this apparent stability comes from the balance caused by opposing tensions, giving rise to conjugations in which the static and the dynamic participate simultaneously. Disconjunctivity proposes a trialogue between the conditions, the pieces and the individual, in such a way that they are all decisive and influential at the time of the experience. Beneath the superficial calm of these presentations, there are latent expansions and contractions, gravity and levitation, fractures and unions, folding and unfolding, turns and inverse counter-turns. An immediate mini-everything, which is able to connect and disconnect, do and undo itself, be something and no longer be something at the same time, thus creating an excrescence of reality that cannot easily be named.