Louise Sparre at KH7 artspace

Fyr Louise sparre

Artist: Louise Sparre

Exhibition title: Subject Object

Venue: KH7 artspace, Aarhus, Denmark

Date: February 4 – 25, 2017

Photography: Morten Barker, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and KH7 artspace

KH7 artspace is happy to present Subject Object, a solo show by Louise Sparre.

Subject Object is a fusion between the individual and the object as well as a reflection on sensorial and material states.

Subject Object embraces what it means to be human in a physical world whilst being in a body that is unpredictable and imperfect.

The work sits somewhere between inside and outside the body. It is the very close and familiar as the tactile sense, our bodily capability of cell and organ production, the intimate relationship and the homely, which melts together and unfolds in one total installation.

Sparre’s work fragments our body and senses. She addresses the subject in different states, such as state of mind, the symbiotic state, microscopic state and sensorial state. Sparre uses here own body as starting point, as the subject and there is an inherent feminine and personal tone.

The skin is a coherent theme in the Sparre’s practice. It is a living material and membrane between the subject and the object. It is the largest organ in the human body. The skin allows us to feel the world around us. The skin keeps away dirt and bacteria and keeps in place our flesh, blood and organs. It tells us about temperature and touch, pleasure and discomfort.

The show is a material investigation into the feminine. The combination of the body and the every day makes Subject Object a well-known yet strange encounter.

Louise sparre is born in 1977 in Brørup, Denmark. She holds a master from the Funen Art Academy. She works and lives in Aarhus and recent shows include ‘Borås Internationale Sculpture biennale’, ’Den Frie Centre of contemporary Art, Kunsthal Charlottenborg’, ’Kunsthal Aarhus’, ’Kunsten Aalborg’ a sculpture on permanent display at ’Skovsnogen deep forrest artland’.

View Subject Object Louise sparre

View Draped, Fragments 3D, Cell Louise sparre

View Cell, Diva Louise sparre

Rust, Merge Condition-Symbiosis Louise sparre

Rust Louise sparre

Merge Louise sparre

Fyr Louise sparre

Fyr close up Louise sparre

Fragments 3D, Draped Louise sparre

Fragments 3D Louise sparre

Fragments 3D close up Louise sparre

Feminine Louise sparre

Duo Object Louise sparre

Duo Object close up Louise sparre

Draped Louise sparre

Draped close up Louise sparre

Diva, Feminine Louise sparre

Diva Louise sparre

Diva close up Louise sparre

Condition-Symbiosis close up skin Louise sparre

Condition-Symbiosis close up Louise sparre