Kevin Gallagher and Perri MacKenzie at Futura

3. DSC02259

Artists: Kevin Gallagher and Perri MacKenzie

Exhibition title:  Find Yourself A Human Activity

Venue:  Futura (Karlin Studios), Prague, Czech Republic

Date:  July 16 – 30, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists and FUTURA, Prague

Perri MacKenzie (Scotland, UK) and Kevin Gallagher (Chicago, US) are two visual artists based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands who often present work together or collaborate on event­based programming. For this exhibition the artists have chosen to build on a previous collaboration, a story­cum­artwork. The list of actors include non–human intelligences, painters with writing addictions, troubled genres. How do these actors communicate? ­> Spun and threaded email chains ­> inter­identity crises ­> multi­medial meltinggg.

The title, Find Yourself A Human Activity, is drawn from a mistranslated painting. Travelers carry germs, ye know, and the microbes of Chapter One have found a new host: Prague. And so continues this Story­cum­artwork saga. Re-generating legs, crawling, sprouting hairs, and sometimes now even an aching back (through heavy lifting and aspirational reaching).

“Prague interests” become a recipe for homespun bread sculptures and muralistic dragon painting. With ingredients culled from nudist reservoirs and cellphone store architectures. Assembled with the flair of a painter­tagonist and the rusty agency of yeast.

Chapter One, entitled Real Snow, was presented in December 2014 at Pracownia Portretu, Lodz, Poland.

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3. DSC02259

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5. DSC02742

Kevin Gallagher, Frozen Carb, 2015

6. DSC02584

Kevin Gallagher, Frozen Carb, 2015 (detail)

6.2 DSC02138-3

Kevin Gallagher, Frozen Carb, 2015 (detail)

7. DSC02977-3

8. DSC02603

Kevin Gallagher, Untitled (Acoustic O2), 2015 (detail)

9. DSC02791

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

10. DSC02270-2

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

10.2 DSC02278

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

11. DSC02290

Kevin Gallagher, Thirsty Carb, 2015

11.2 DSC02240

Kevin Gallagher, Natural Carb, 2015

12. DSC02345

Kevin Gallagher, Untitled (Acoustic O2), 2015

13. DSC02810

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

14. DSC02442

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

15. DSC02402

Perri MacKenzie, Choices, 2015

16. DSC02525

Kevin Gallagher, Punished Carb, 2015