Keith Mayerson at Weiss Berlin

Annie Oakley

Artist: Keith Mayerson

Exhibition title: My American Dream: Berlin Edition

Venue: Weiss Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Date: September 22 – October 29, 2016

Photography: Linus Dessecker, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Weiss Berlin

We are honored to present My American Dream: Berlin Edition, Keith Mayerson’s first exhibition with Weiss Berlin. My American Dream: Berlin Edition is a new chapter of a tenyear project to represent and complicate the fiction of America and the possibilities of its painterly representation. Mayerson, an acclaimed draftsman and professor for both fine art and cartooning, has also published a number of graphic novels Horror Hospital Unplugged with Dennis Cooper (1996/2011). This show combines oil paintings, drawings, and graphic works. My American Dream: Berlin Edition presents works arranged by three themes: Destiny, Pioneers, and Rebels. Destiny comprises paintings of landscapes and sites important to Mayerson’s narrative such as the Rocky Mountains and Elvis’ Memphis home, Graceland. The drawings in Pioneers feature civil rights leaders and powerful cultural icons such as Harriet Tubman and César Chávez – whose portraits are drawn with graphite a pastel colors on velour paper, creating a sense of strange softness and three-dimensionality but at the same time amplifying colors – making the top of a “VOTE”-badge on César Chávez appear like a wildly colored caterpillar. Rebels features paintings representing James Dean, as well as the graphic novel James Dean: My Life in Pictures.

Keith Mayerson is a contemporary painter, known for his work encompassing portraits, historical scenes, landscapes, and more. Through his paintings, Mayerson creates broader narratives, citing comic books as an inspiration and influence. Mayerson has exhibited widely and his work is featured in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Columbus Museum of Art.

The opening night features a conversation on American painting with Keith Mayerson, Adam Weinberg (Whitney Museum of American Art),and Ortrud Westheider (Museum Barberini), moderated by Kimberly Marteau Emerson (Embassy of the United States of America)

Adam D. Weinberg is the Alice Pratt Brown Director of the Whitney Museum. Weinberg has curated exhibitions on artists such as Edward Hopper, Richard Pousette-Dart and Isamu Noguchi to Alex Katz, Robert Mangold, and Sol Lewitt. Weinberg serves as a board member of diverse organizations, including the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and Storm King Art Center.

Ortrud Westheider is the director of the Museum Barberini in Potsdam scheduled to open in January 2017. Westheider has published extensively on German and American art and has curated exhibitions on Max Beckmann, Hanne Darboven, and Willam Turner,among others. She curated the series 150 Jahre Amerikanische Kunst: 1800–1950 and is preparing an exhibition on American art at the Museum Barberini, Von Hopper bis Rothko. Amerikas Weg in die Moderne, opening June 2017.

Kimberly Marteau Emerson is a lawyer, civic leader, and advocate of the arts. She is involved in international cultural events supporting museums, collections, and artists in Berlin, and hosts U.S. cultural institutions in Germany. Emerson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, serves on the Advisory Board of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, and is on the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch.




















On The Road

Keith Mayerson, On the Road: Andrew and Michelangelo in the James Dean Porsche at the Grand Canyon, 2016, Oil on linen, 23 x 30 cm

Paso del Norte

Keith Mayerson, Paso del Norte: The US/Mexico Border, 2016, Oil on linen, 31 x 56 cm

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Keith Mayerson, Sunset at the Grand Canyon, 2016, Oil on linen, 31 x 46 cm

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

Keith Mayerson, Sunrise at the Grand Canyon, 2016, Oil on linen, 38 x 26 cm

Elvis at Graceland

Keith Mayerson, Elvis at Graceland, 2016, Oil on linen, 31 x 20 cm


Keith Mayerson, Graceland, 2016, Oil on linen, 50 x 40 cm

Today we took a Hike in the Wild, Wild West

Keith Mayerson, Today we took a Hike in the Wild, Wild West: Tenmile Range, Summit County, Colorado, 2016, Oil on linen, 41 x 60 cm

Annie Oakley

Keith Mayerson, Annie Oakley, 2016, Pen, ink, and watercolor (framed), 33 cm diameter

Sitting Bull

Keith Mayerson, Sitting Bull, 2016, Pastel and mixed media on watercolor paper (framed), 50 cm diameter

Billy the Kid

Keith Mayerson, Billy the Kid, 2016, Watercolor on watercolor paper (framed), 40 x 29 cm

Pancho Villa

Keith Mayerson, Pancho Villa, 2016, Watercolor and qraphite on watercolor paper (framed), 56 x 77 cm

Harriett Tubman

Keith Mayerson, Harriett Tubman, 2016, Pastel and graphite on velour paper (framed), 70 x 50 cm

Muhammed Ali and Malcolm X

Keith Mayerson, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X, 2016, Pastel and graphite on velour paper (framed), 50 x 70 cm

Cesar Chavez

Keith Mayerson, Cesar Chavez, 2016, Graphite and pastel on velour paper (framed), 43 x 35 cm

Scott Smith and Harvey Milk

Keith Mayerson, Scott Smith and Harvey Milk, 2016, Watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper (framed), 56 x 77 cm


Keith Mayerson, Rebel, 2005, Oil on linen, 76 x 76 cm

East of Eden

Keith Mayerson, East of Eden, 2004, Oil on linen, 25 x 75 cm

Edna Ferber and James Dean

Keith Mayerson, Edna Ferber and James Dean, 2007, Oil on linen, 71 x 61 cm

James Dean's Family Farmhouse

Keith Mayerson, The James Dean Family Farmhouse, 2011-2012, Oil on linen, 91 x 71 cm