Kasper Bosmans and Marthe Ramm Fortun at Komplot

DSC_2054_-®Marge Monko

Artists: Kasper Bosmans and Marthe Ramm Fortun

Exhibition title:  Yesterday was different

Curated by: Stefaan Willems

Venue:  Komplot, Brussels, Belgium

Date: March 7 – April 18, 2015

Photography: Marge Monko, Courtesy of the artists and Komplot, Brussels

“When the past is recaptured by the imagination, breath is put back into life.”

(Marguerite Duras)

Yesterday was different assembles the dark pages of the history book in which violence and beauty come together. Kasper Bosmans and Marthe Ramm Fortun bring us a classical framework in which they put into play a collection of historical objects and newly produced pieces, all dealing with power and spirituality through everyday rituals. On a recent trip to Rome the artists stole a stone from the Villa Medici bearing the inscription “Proprieté de l’Académie de France.” With this master theft they inversed the process of cultural appropriation. Through love and friendship, the cornerstone of their collaboration, they are forging a path to navigate the present.

DSC_1999_-®Marge Monko

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