Josse Pyl at 019

Artist: Josse Pyl

Exhibition title: Can’t Hear My Mind

Venue: 019, Ghent, Belgium

Date: December 14, 2018 – January 31, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and 019, Ghent

The opening of ‘Can’t Hear My Mind’, by Josse Pyl coincides with the inauguration of ‘Carbon’ by Bert Villa that will heat up 019 on this evening.

Josse Pyl uses the potential of language as a way to shape both reality and fiction. In this solo exhibition, he explores the visual translation of communication as idea and material form in our daily environment, from its function to its graphical representation and on to its subsequent reading. This includes the ways in which communication merely consists of abstract characters, physical choreography, and mechanical messages. As such, Josse uses graphic, kinetic, and sculptural shapes in order to expose the machinery behind those marks and sounds that connect one human to another.

Can’t Hear My Mind reconsiders the act of writing thoughts into the world that simultaneously literally shape it, and explores the ways we understand the world through the forms of its writing. In this way, Josse’s devices, drawings, and objects could be considered as characters or symbols that are part of a story that gradually unfolds through a physical grammar. He constructs a separate world that is pervaded by a dream-like logic, making familiar patterns of communication both tangible and alienating.

The exhibition can be visited during all public 019 events (see website) or been seen every day through the opened triangular door that connects 019 to the adjacent parking lot. Extra visits are possible upon request —

Poster by Jung-Lee & Josse Pyl