Jonathan Hagard at Kayu

Artist: Jonathan Hagard 

Exhibition title: Domesticity Ix

Venue: Kayu, Bali, Indonesia

Date: April 17 – May 15, 2022

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Kayu

Kayu – Lucie Fontaine’s branch in Bali, Indonesia in collaboration with the House of Masks and Puppets Setia Darma and Project Etere [PE] is pleased to present its thirteenth project, “Domesticity IX,” a solo exhibition by Jonathan Hagard on view at the House of Masks and Puppets Setia Darma in Bali.

This project is the ninth iteration of a series of exhibitions previously presented in Prague, Stockholm, Miami, New York and Bali, which deal with the relationship – or lack thereof – between contemporary art and domestic spaces; in particular, the exhibition aims at examining the relationship between what is domestic and what is a country; in doing so, the artist sees a country – Indonesia in this case – as a collective space and a dynamic field that generates continuous social and collective change.

The exhibition features the award-winning VR film Replacements; presented at the Venice International Film Festival, it is an animated video in VR, which takes the viewer to a village that slowly turns into a city. The reference is to the urban, environmental, political and cultural transformations that the Indonesian island of Java underwent from 1980 to 2020. During this time, many signs of the island’s traditions and heritage disappeared to leave space for the so-called “Muslim megacities.” The film shows the transition from a simple village into a chaotic city of supermarkets, mosques and condominiums.

Following the concept of the film, the space of the exhibition will feature an interior of a semi-abandoned traditional Javanese house with both antique and contemporary furniture, as well as objects all coming from Mr. Hadi Sunyoto’s collection. Such display is a response to Hagard’s film.

Jonathan Hagard (b. 1986) is a French-Indonesian director, animator and illustrator based in Kyoto, Japan. Through documentary and animated fiction, based on his experiences and researches in sprawling cities such as Tokyo and Jakarta, Hagard represents one of the most distinct and original voice of his generation and a true witness of the accelerated development of South East Asia and beyond.

The artist has been invited by Kayu Lucie Fontaine to the residency program at Project Etere in Bali, during which he will work on his upcoming film Alternates.

The exhibition will be on view everyday, from 10AM to 4PM at the House of Masks and Puppets Setia Darma, Jl. Tegal, Bingin Mas, Ubud – Bali.