Janus Høm at Tranen

Artist: Janus Høm

Exhibition title: “… maybe, just maybe, I could do what I want to…”

Venue: Tranen Contemporary Art Center, Hellerup, Denmark

Date: June 22 – August 13, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Tranen Contemporary Art Center

“… The difference at that moment was perhaps that a special thought entered my mind: maybe, just maybe, I could do what I want to do.
I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before. Unlike making “real” art, which never felt natural to me, writing for P was very satisfying. What’s more, while writing, all my usual self-loathing started to subside. I could suddenly look at other artists’ work without the stinging pain of not being equally successful. Or, preferably more. Even getting back on social media seemed achievable.
P, the editor, deserves so much praise. So intelligent and encouraging and demanding she is. With great care she encourages me (even if undeserved) while at the same time telling me unequivocally that what I have written isn’t good enough yet. Art really means something to her.
It wasn’t until some time later that I came to the second and even more important realisation. What I considered was that not only could I do what I like to do, I could be an artist while I did it…”

Tranen Contemporary Art Center is proud to present Janus Høm’s solo exhibition … maybe, just maybe, I could do what I want to do…, which concludes the Art & Life – Social Aesthetics Obscured season. The season is dedicated experiments with the exhibition format and artists who explore the boundaries between art and life from different positions on the art scene.