Jan Merta at SVIT

SVIT_Jan Merta_Základní nostalgie (Basic Nostalgia)_2015_olej na plátně_60 x 70 cm

Artist: Jan Merta

Exhibition title: Appetizer

Venue: SVIT, Prague, The Czech Republic

Date: March 1 – April 16, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and SVIT, Prague

I thought that at the age of sixty a painter should finally wake up from his dreams and paint something worthwhile.

Forty years ago I began with an introverted Hussite and planned to continue with paintings that had certain references to history.

For a long time I painted, or rather didn’t paint, and it wasn’t working. The images on the prepared canvases (mostly of the same format, for me a small one) took on a life of their own. The forced me to stop fearing almost infantile simplicity and varying degrees of poignancy. They did not, however, allow compromising on precision, and I had to seek what they resonated with inside my ego.

Images always made things difficult for me. And it gets harder and harder.

Now I don’t think it’s possible at all for a painter to unleash himself from his dreams, whether at the age of sixty or earlier or later.

And I myself am very curious how these morsels will compose themselves into one Appetizer and what will come after it.

Jan Merta, 24 February 2016

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0951

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0957

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0964

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0966

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0969

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0975

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0994

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-0995

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1017

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1021

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1030

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1032

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1035

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1038

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1041

SVIT_Jan Merta_Appetizer_2016-1056

SVIT_Jan Merta_Základní nostalgie (Basic Nostalgia)_2015_olej na plátně_60 x 70 cm

Jan Merta, Základní nostalgie (Basic Nostalgia), 2015

SVIT_Jan Merta_Chodba II (A Corridor II) 2012-2014_olej na plátně_70 x 60 cm

Jan Merta, Chodba II (A Corridor II), 2012-2014

SVIT_Jan Merta_Exponáty (Exhibits)_ 2015-2016_olej na plátně_60 x 70 cm

Jan Merta, Exponáty (Exhibits), 2015-2016

SVIT_Jan Merta_Mise (A Mission)_ 2015-2016_olej na plátně_60 x 70cm

Jan Merta, Mise (A Mission), 2015-2016

SVIT_Jan Merta_Palivo (Fuel)_2016_olej na plátně_60 x 70cm

Jan Merta, Palivo (Fuel), 2016

SVIT_Jan Merta_Předkrm (An Appetizer)_2015-2016_olej na plátně_60 x 70 cm

Jan Merta, Předkrm (An Appetizer), 2015-2016

SVIT_Jan Merta_Projekt (A Project)_2016_olej na plátně_65 x 50 cm

Jan Merta, Projekt (A Project), 2016