Ingrid Toogood at KINOKINO

Artist: Ingrid Toogood

Exhibition title: Brother And Sister

Venue: KINOKINO, Sandnes, Norway

Date: February 20 – April 8, 2020

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Centre d’art contemporain-la synagogue de Delme

KINOKINO is proud to present Brother And Sister, a solo exhibition by Ingrid Toogood (b.1976, Sola, Norway). Toogoods´practice focuses on painting as a medium and the transition between the two-dimensional painting and the spatial painting. Her practice also include performance. Toogood’s works are often strikingly beautiful, and through reflectionsand optical illusions she explores traditional painting issues such as foreground, background, surface and spatiality.

At KINOKINO, Toogod presents paintings on canvas, a sculptural installation and the gripping performance L longed for it (2019), created in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Therese Markhus, first shown at Stavanger Art Museum in 2019.

In the paintings, the artist has painted illusions of holes in the canvas, which reflects the structure of the sculptures. The sculptures in turn reflect the expression of the paintings, where shapes, brush-strokes and colors are repeated. The result is that the boundary between the two- and three- dimensional works becomes blurred. The exhibition appears rather as one major work, than as several individual works. The titles in the exhibition reflects how we once learned to read. We remember a letter because we train ourselves on a word that represents it; S for sun, B for book. The words Toogood uses are L for Longing and M for Mourning. We are led to reflect on loss. Do the holes in the works represent something that is lost, something we are saddened by and want back?

The performance L longed for it is the fifth collaboration of Toogood and Markhus, where the interdisciplinary is used as a starting point for reflections on painting as a medium. In this performance, where both dancers, actors and musicians have worked together, the performance compels us to take a closer look at our understanding of the surface – both as an artistic medium, but also as a social structure. How do we break through, how do we move out of the form that is given to us, the restriction that is set? And not least – what do we keep inside that longs for release?

Dancers: Tone Martine Kittelsen, Stine Isachsen Knudsen,
Camilla Apeland og Victoria Jane Harley
Musician: Magnus Hovland Vanebo
Voice: Nina Ellen Ødegård
Thanks: Mikal Stene, Arne Hovda, Per Zanussi,
Kristina Ketola Bore, Helene During Kjær and Ingrid Fiksdal
Co-producer: Tou AS
Supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council, Rogaland County Council and Stavanger municipality

Ingrid Toogood (b.1976, Sola) lives and works in Stavanger. She holds a MA from The National College of Art and Design in Oslo (2002). In addition to several solo- and group exhibitions in Norway, including at Galleri LNM, Stavanger kunstmuseum, Elephant kunsthall, Kristiansand kunsthall, Galleri Soft and Blomqvist & QB gallery, her work has been included in the collections at Stavanger Art Museum, The University of Oslo, St.Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Haugesund Art Collection and Equinor. In 2018 she received a 10 -year working grant from the Government.