In the Depth of the Surface at Ex Fabbrica Orobia 15

Nyah Isabel Cornish

Artists:  Michael Bevilacqua, Alain Biltereyst, Marco Bongiorni, Ry David Bradley, Andrea Carpita, Nyah Isabel Cornish, Ditte Gantriis, Corinna Gosmaro, Folkert De Jong, Pesce Khete, John Knuth, Andrea Kvas, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Tiziano Martini, Claudio Onorato, Josh Reames, Joe Reihsen, Alice Ronchi, Santiago Taccetti, Graham Wilson

Exhibition title: In the Depth of the Surface

Curated by: Andrea Carpita

Venue: Ex Fabbrica, Milan, Italy

Date:  May 24 – June 5, 2016

Photography: Olga Costa, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists, AplusB Contemporary Art, Brand New Gallery, The Flat-Massimo Carasi, Francesca Minini, Frutta Gallery, Rolando Anselmi and Thomas Brambilla

The title of this exhibition is a clear oxymoron, two words that convey opposite ideas: to go into the depth of the surface is a concept as oxymoronic as clear and familiar to every artist, who is accustomed to operate with these two actions daily.

To shape the matter, dig it, construct and deconstruct it, paint it, draw it, experience different uses of it, break up it, blend it, carve it, scratch it, photograph and even destroy it.

We realize that the term “matter” itself has something deep inside of it and it can be even deeper to compare it in the process that every artist chooses for treating it.

The work is conceived, made and observed for going into the depth of the surface inevitably.

Alain Biltereys_Tiziano Martini_Marco Bongiorni_Corinna Gosmaro

Alain Biltereyst_Corinna Gosmaro_Andrea Carpita_Tiziano Martini

Asger Dybvad Larsen

Asger Dybvad Larsen, 2016

Ditte Gantriis

Ditte Gantriis, 2016

Folkert De Jong

Folkert De Jong, 2016

Joe Reihsen_Alice Ronchi

John Knuth

John Knuth, 2016

Josh Reames_Andrea Carpita_Marco Bongiorni_Pesce Khete

Josh Reames_Pesce Khete

Marco Bongiorni_Alain Biltereyst_Tiziano Martini

Marco Borgiorni_Michael Bevilacqua_Graham Wilson_Alice Ronchi_Andrea Kvas_Andrea Carpita

Michael Bevilacqua_Graham Wilson_Alice Ronchi

Nyah Isabel Cornish

Nyah Isabel Cornish, 2016

Ry David Bradley

Ry David Bradley, 2016

Santiago Taccetti

Santiago Taccetti, 2016

Tiziano Martini

Tiziano Martini, 2016