Il vello d’oro at Giorgio Galotti

Artists: Giulio Delvè, Diego Gualandris, Andrea Magnani, Valerio Nicolai, Vincenzo Schillaci, Namsal Siedlecki

Exhibition title: Il vello d’oro

Venue: Giorgio Galotti, Turin, Italy

Date: October 26 – December 20, 2018

Photography: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano / all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Giorgio Galotti, Turin

Giorgio Galotti gallery is pleased to present a project on the recovery of the mythological language and the archaic shapes through the vision of a group of emerging Italian artists. Following this path I found a shared interest among the brand new generations, mainly male, aimed to reworking the myth and the ancestral shapes, often reflected in the composition of their works with strong references to the beginning of humanity on the Earth.

This exhibition is a collective and current way to watch the world as a return to its origins, when concrete didn’t exist and the narrative paths were marked by continuous references to “utopia”, one of the greatest losses of these generations projected towards the concreteness of the present instead of a dreamlike world. In this surreal landscape, you can meet the works of a group of Italian artists definitely interesting as guardians of future thinking. Each of the works presented in this exhibition is placed in a strictly relation to the others following the same thread that made the Argonauts a group of men in search of a dream conquered: the Golden Fleece.