Hannah Perry at Jeanine Hofland

10.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

Artist: Hannah Perry

Exhibition title: You’re Gonna Be Great

Venue: Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date:  May 9 – July 4, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam

Jeanine Hofland is proud to present the first solo exhibition within the gallery and within The Netherlands by British artist Hannah Perry (1984). Perry uses video as an assemblage of short found and self-shot film footage, of written and spoken words, slang language, phrases and sound clips deriving from whatever enters her gaze on a daily basis. By using a cut-and-past style, the linearity of any kind vanishes, and is swapped for a deliberate edit of confusement and messiness. The work demonstrates a strong resemblance of a street-wise attitude, bringing up bits and pieces referring to gender related issues such as a girls position within todays assumed lower class environments, lifestyle and the influence of advertisement and branding on subcultures’s visual codes, and overall Perry’s own position and perception on those issues. The intertwined mergence of the public and the private manifested on the internet, via social media and smartphones devices, the short cut language and imagery, and constant repetition that stems from it has a strong influence on Perry’s practice, and simultaneously is deliberately and carefully chosen and edited within her work.

As video works form the backbone of her practice, the labyrinth-like installations, sound sculptures, screen print/ abstract panels, and performances naturally spiral out of this and kind of physicalize what has been visualized within the video works.

On the aluminium and plexiglass panels, the repetition and overlayment of silkscreen print images, words, logos and abstract brushstroke create an uncontrolled and almost VHS-like feeling. They mystify the direct reference to reality and clearly demonstrate a sense of human labor and involvement. Similar to this is the recurrence of subwoofers within the artists’ practice, making the sound more tangible likewise as being at a techno party and ‘feeling’ the vibrations crawling up your body whilst looking at the art works. Recently Perry developed a performance for the Serpentine’s Gallery Park Nights 2014, whereby she directed a collage of small choreographies, dialogues and musical compositions deriving from previous collected footage for her films. A performance she re-worked for the Boiler Room in London in March 2015. Previously she developed a performance for Frieze Projects in London (2011) and has had solo exhibitions at Cell Project Space  and at the Zabludowicz Collection in London. She was included a.o. in group exhibitions at MOMA Warsaw, The Moving Museum in Istanbul and at the Barbican Centre in London and obtained a BA from Goldsmiths College London (2009) and an MA from the Royal Academy in London (2014). This summer the gallery will present her work at Liste Art Fair in Basel.

1.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

2.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

3.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

4.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

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9.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great

10.installation views_Hannah Perry_You're Gonna Be great


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