Guardian Angel School at Gern en Regalia

Artists: Guardian Angel School (Brandon Morris and Stephanie Blackburn)

Exhibition title: Homecoming

Venue: Gern en Regalia, New York, US

Date: July 9 – August 9, 2021

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Gern en Regalia, New York

” In the dream people didn’t need water anymore

People’s minds became computer chips made of stone

The computer was connected to the universe, which made it easy to transport your mind instantly to the moon

One could talk to anyone anywhere, anytime

Through the chip

That made me so happy ”

-August in the Water (1995) by Gakuryu Ishii

Guardian Angel School is a collaborative project including Brandon Morris and Stephanie Blackburn. Brandon Morris is an artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. His work is derived from rpg games, experimental music, and japanese cyberpunk movies. Elements of Sci-Fi and Victorian design are heavy influences used in his work to create grotesque and elegant structures. He is inspired by the works of Takashi Miike, Bruce Bickford and Hans Bellmer. Stephanie Blackburn is a multimedia artist based out of Brooklyn. She synthesises her experience growing up in Silicon Valley as a foray into both the dark and whimsical. Heavily emphasizing laborious handwork throughout all her pieces. Currently channeling her output into neo-psychedelic knitwear and collaborative project: Guardian Angel School.