GREATEST HITS at Museo Apparente


Artists: Rachel de Joode, Marco Bruzzone, Giulio Delvè, Michele Di Menna, Marco Zezza, Katharina Fengler, Internationale Surplace, Renato Leotta, Jonatah Manno, Nick Oberthaler, Stefan Thater

Exhibition title: Greatest Hits

Text and lecture by: Cristiano de Maj

Venue: Museo Apparente, Naples, Italy

Date: December 27, 2014 – February 10, 2015

Photography: Courtesy of Museo Apparente

Museo Apparente is pleased to present “Greatest Hits”, last show of 2014 and the first of a series of group exhibitions in which the space becomes a kind of ‘picture gallery’ of works fragmented and unconnected as the seventeenth century concept wants.
In the exhibition, a selection of works by previuosly showned artists (Internationale Surplace, Jonatah Manno, Giulio Delvè, Michele Di Menna, Rachel de Joode, Marco Zezza, Stefan Thater), next to contributions by Marco Bruzzone, Katharina Fengler, Renato Leotta and Nick Oberthaler.
Each artist was asked to report their ‘greatest hit’ forming the background music played in loop (among others Aphex Twin, Saint Etienne, David Byrne, Jeremih).
Cristiano de Majo read excerpts from his latest book “Guarigione” (published by Ponte alle Grazie).

A way to stop time universe

Cristiano de Majo

We look inside.

Inside the museum, we look at objects in stoppage time.

Outside, all objects of the world are flowing in front of the eyes at the speed of time.

Inside the museum, all the people are looking in the same directions: drawing lines of attention, ascribing meanings to objects.

Outside, glances produces infinite cardinal points: it is a map of invisible roads that overlap or walking nearby without ever meeting; a doodle chaotic that every time we try to give a sense.

Inside the museum, we know our perimeter, we are aware of the boundaries that surround us, the roof, the floor, the walls, everything that is above, below and around us.

Outside, we raise our eyes to heaven and we collide with the inability to understand what holds us: we do not know our perimeter, we are not aware of the boundaries that surrounds us; we raise our eyes to heaven and we sink in the vertigo.

We report this vertigo inside the museum. Inside a frame.

And inside the frame, the whole world outside, at all times.


1 Marco Bruzzone, Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)
2 Rachel de Joode, David Byrne – Like Humans Do
3 Giulio Delvè, Gianmaria Testa – Come le onde del mare
4 Michele Di Menna, William Onyeabor – Good name
5 Katharina Fengler, Molly Nilsson – Truth
6 Internationale Surplace: Marie Rotkopf, Anesthesia – Bad religion
Daniel Megerle, Angelic Upstarts – Bandiera Rossa
7 Jonatah Manno, Coil – The dreamer is still asleep
8 Marco Zezza,Thelonius Monk – Blue Monk
9 Cristiano de Majo, Aphex Twin – Tha
10 Stefan Tather, The Fugs – Nothing
11 Renato Leotta, Lucio Battisti – Per una lira
12 Nick Oberthaler, A flock of seagulls – i ran