Graźyna Roguski and Leah Dixon at SORT

Artists: Graźyna Roguski and Leah Dixon

Exhibition title: Counter Parts

Venue: SORT, Vienna, Austria

Date: June 23 – July 23, 2017

Photography: Bianca Phos, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and SORT, Vienna

SORT is pleased to present “Counter Parts” an exhibition with works by Grażyna Roguski and Leah Dixon.  The artists managed to bring a touch of institutional critique to a very non-institutional space, challenging SORT’s ethos by incorporating moving bodies, time based works, and kinetic sculptures.

Our fourth show is built around call and response. Artist Katharina Höglinger was asked to invite a new position into the space. She broke with our young tradition of showing  “pure” sculpture and painting and responded with Roguski’s hybrid sculptural/ performative practice.

The movements that her performers make are her call to the body. Her objects, shrouds for herself, that of the performers, and all who encounter them echo the body that is always transient.

The final call was to ask Dixon to collaborate with Roguski.  Like Grażyna’s sculptures, Leah’s bow to bodies that are also no longer with us, the twin towers. Her spinning towers physically confront us with their size and movement, almost ready to dress themselves in the bleached clothes they are surrounded by. Simply, counter parts.