G. Küng at Antoine Levi

18 Watermelon and slice

Artist: G. Küng

Exhibition title:  Inexhaustible Gifts of Celebratory Fruits

Venue: Antoine Levi, Paris, France

Date: March 27 – May 16, 2015

Photography: Images courtesy of the artist and Antoine Levi, Paris

Inexhaustible Gifts of Celebratory Fruits*

“I can already tell you what I’ve seen around me, and that’s conspicuous signs of satisfaction! Fruits, fresh and simple, and arranged so well. Their colors and shapes hit you in the mouth. There they prove to be sweet and fertilizing. The melons are so ripe, they tear open at a mere hint of the blade. And the vegetables are bigger and shinier with a beautiful lightness to them. Bread I bake always comes out as I wanted, and as you wanted, which is just out of the oven, doughy if you like it doughy, or if you prefer crusty it’s that way. I do hope you like it and I know you will.

What I see ahead will be like biting into several grapes, ripe juices will run, run through your fingers and  over your toes if you’re not careful. Just by prompting the universe it answers straight away in my experience. Written on the wind and in stone, doubly true. Written on a stone that’s in the wind. Not to worry! You can even take bad, misaligned steps and you won’t fall on misfortune and malnutrition, but compassion and intelligence are around to give you chances. Because here, ambitions, whether delusions or diluted, are generally rewarded. Bright and unfaded, the prizes are like photographs which retain their color along with their relevance. You can always take a smile at face value, and an email will get an immediate reply. With this all what I’ve learned I can live and continue in this world of, if anything, voluptuous promise.”

–G. Küng


2 view

1 view

5 view

6 view

7 Carrot

8 Big Bread

9 Melon and rind

10 view

14 Blurry Cornucopia

11 Bench 1

12 Bench 2

13 Bench 3

15 view

16 Grapes

17 Orange Halves

18 Watermelon and slice