Eva Fàbregas at Kunsthal Gent

Artist: Eva Fàbregas

Exhibition title: Skin-like

Venue: Kunsthal Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Date: May 28 – August 29, 2021

Photography: Michiel De Cleene / courtesy the artist and Kunsthal Gent

The work of Eva Fàbregas investigates how our bodies and our desires are determined by the politics of industrial design. Fascinated by synthetic materials and their production process, she pushes the boundaries of sculpture by encouraging the possibilities of direct tactile involvement, affectivity and somatic experimentation between people and objects. In her work, sexual drives and affection, freed from the biological constraints of the body, are allowed to flow in all directions, blurring the boundaries between organic and inorganic matter. Starting from the prosthetic nature of design, architecture and technology, her work explores the eroticism of utilitarian objects and the mass production of desire. In addition to the formal and architectural qualities of her work, which are also reflected in the strong drawings she makes for her installations, the works are also utilitarian objects and almost become furniture.

Especially for the Endless Exhibition, Fabregas created a completely new series of objects. The materiality and the longing for touch that is expressed in Eva Fàbregas’ colourful and monumental work form a great contrast with the strictly male and religious origins of the building of Kunsthal Gent. A contrast and tension that takes on a new dimension since the current corona crisis.

Eva Fàbregas (1988) was born in Barcelona and lives and works in London.Her work has been shown in various exhibitions in major galleries and museums, including DISPLAY Berlin, Laure Genillard gallery London, Concentrocentro Madrid and Kunstverein München.

Made possible with the support of Arts & Culture fund by the embassy of Spain