Dieudonné Cartier and Jean-Baptiste Carobolante at Deborah Bowmann

Artists: Dieudonné Cartier and Jean-Baptiste Carobolante

Exhibition title: The office of gravitational documents #Neptune

Venue: Deborah Bowmann, Brussels, Belgium

Date: March 24 – April 24, 2017

Photography: Ludovic Beillard©, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

Deborah Bowmann Brussels, its representatives and Deborah Bowmann herself are thrilled to present The Office of Gravitational Documents #Neptune with Dieudonné Cartier and Jean-Baptiste Carobolante.

The Neptune project stems from a feeling of injustice, a feeling of emergency. Popular belief tends to bring the artist and a melancholic figure together, this vision arouses much discussion. Going back to the Saturnian assertions of Walter Benjamin, to Michelangelo’s’ trickeries, to the growing wealth of Damien Hirst or even to Bas Jan Ader’s romantic death, we formally, theoretically and performatively want to share our own sadness and our wish to structure our artistic position in readiness for glory and success. This exhibition is the continuation and the result of the exhibition #NEPTUNE (RESEARCH) which took place at monCHERI gallery, Brussels, in the autumn of 2016 within the project The Office of Gravitational Documents by the artist Dieudonné Cartier. This project aims to organize the research process around questions linked to the work, the document and the history of art. Throughout the exhibition, the artists will be present during the gallery’s opening hours, running the administration of their work and thoughts in order to transmit these in the form of an edition. Three events will take place in order to talk about melancholia and business strategies with the philosopher Fabien Vallos (March 31st, 2017), the artist and theorist Clémence de Montgolfier and the duet of artists-gallery owners Amaury Daurel & Victor Delestre (April 8th, 2017), the artist Life as Art as Attitude and book launch of The Office of Gravitational Documents (April 21st, 2017).