Dia Pintér at Horizont Gallery

Artist: Dia Pintér

Exhibition title: In Terms of Analysis

Venue: Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Date: November 13 – December 21, 2019

Photography: Dávid Biró, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Horizont Gallery, Budapest

Horizont Gallery is pleased to present In Terms of Analysis, a solo exhibition by painter Dia Pintér.

The paintings of Dia Pintér are most often based on experiments with certain materials. Since 2013, one of their main component and subject have been paper serpentines, with which she has been constructing semi-figurative scenes with ascetic determination.
By meticulously analyzing, deconstructing and reconfiguring her pictures, and by snatching out bits of time from the hectic flow of social life, the artist offers a new temporal experience both to herself and the viewer, directing the attention to the minute details by which she articulates a particular scenery. This scenery is primarily inspired by the alienation of the individual and the impersonal character of the virtual world.