Curated By A Tree at 1857


Artists: Petter Ballo, Sol Calero, Ieva Kraule, Michael Queenland

Exhibition title: Curated By A Tree

Venue: 1857, Oslo, Norway

Date: October 14 – November 20, 2016

Photography: Jon Lundell, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and 1857, Oslo

– So, what’s going on here?

– … mmhnh.

– What was that?


– I can’t hear you through all this sawdust.

– I’m growing a branch.

– Well, you’d better hurry up about it. People will get here soon.

– If you have a friend who is dear to you, visit him often, for the thickets grow dense and the grass is tall on the road traveled by no one.

– What’s that supposed to mean?

– Words of wisdom. My roots run deep.

– The wind won’t throw you anytime soon.

– I am grounded. Like Yggdrasil the world tree with its three roots spanning the underworld. For years my limbs stretched to the sky, with nests for birds to sit and sing.

– You are broken? Or re-assembled?

– Rise when you have questions to ask. He who answers shall sit.

It was never my intention to grow to this size. My branches came one by one. I did not plan to reach so high. You say I am broken. I am a giant who sat down.

XX-Curated by a Tree-Poster




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