Veit Laurent Kurz at Johan Berggren Gallery

Artist: Veit Laurent Kurz Exhibition title:  Chiraptophobia Venue:  Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö, Sweden Date:  March 26 – May 2, 2015 Photography: Images courtesy of the artist and Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö The Teufelsgrille (Grilled Devils) are invertebrate, bulbous, comical; like a cross between an arthropod and a fraggle. Ugly and dumb-looking, they possess the fatheaded features of … Read more

The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary (Part 3)

Artists: Robert Barry, Isaac Contreras, Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, Simon Gabriel Greenberg, Matt Hinkley, Roman Ondak, Yoko Ono, Goran Petercol, Ana Roldán, Ana Santos, Lin Yilin Exhibition title: The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary Curated by: Fabiola Iza and Chris Sharp Venue:  Lulu, Mexico City Dates: April 18 – May 14, 2015 (Part 3) Photography: Courtesy of the artists and … Read more