But Doctor, I am Pagliacci at The Loon

Artists: Zoe Barcza, Alexandra Metcalf, Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw

Exhibition title: But Doctor, I am Pagliacci

Venue: The Loon, Toronto, Canada

Date: August 17 – September 17, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and The Loon, Toronto

Try to talk to one another before you see the therapist, it’s free and you might get some new real friend as a bonus. Friends are fun and if nothing else you are gonna need em when your parents die.

Menstrual cups are proven to actually be better, you are not sick or wounded, you don’t need a bandage.

Your love interests are unfortunately not the same as your best interests.

If the people who study neuroscience would swap with the cultural studies people for a year, who would reach the furthest into the other field? Why don’t these people even hang out and talk to each other in the first place.

If you can’t cook your doing life wrong do something about it.

Everyone is ok to talk to and has something good to say, except people working in banks etc, they are most likely lost beyond salvation.

If you wanna know about Iran listen to a bunch of the people who are actually from there not some podcast.

In bdsm clubs the vast majority has the desire to get smacked around etc, it is not a 50/50 situation for some reason.

Don’t put old people next to young people in photos, the old ones will look weird as if they are slowly dying etc.

Imagine an incredibly large bodybuilder with reading glasses and a corduroy jacket.

Marriage: what if your wife cooks you greens and happen to not like greens? Whatshagonnado????

Oh wow that’s such a weird coincidence that you feel your a bit more cool, smart and special then everyone else, I actually feel exactly the same way.

I have failed over and over and over again and it didn’t make me one bit stronger.

Time is ticking, get some passion, tomorrow or even tonight.

Most of us differentiate our selves from our bodies, like some floating talking air-ball, and that’s ok but not great for everything, it all depends a lil on what you want to do with your life: think and read or dance and fuck?

A strong successful woman picks an even stronger more successful man. Any man picks the girl next door, satan smirks.

In order to love someone you don’t have to learn how to do anything.

Art is not harder than Necromancy.

If you’re 30 years old and still an idiot it most likely will stay that way.

An act of kindness, mind=blown.

A tiny blood vessel in your brain can snap at any point and then its a wrap, it most likely won’t though.

If someone in confidence sends you nudes online and you show those images to other peoples you will end up in hell, asshole.

Cars killed more people than anything else ever.

The world askew or nah??

Nothing you add to your life makes a difference.

Nothing you say can or will be used against you

If I make 1800 dollars a month and rent is 1200, bills are 700 and transport is 100 and food 200 and going out 150 how much do I have left?

Remember to brush your teeth and eat your veggies.

– Alfred Boman