Bernd Lohaus at M HKA


Artist: Bernd Lohaus

Exhibition title: Works from the studio of Bernd Lohaus

Venue: M HKA, Antwerp, Beglium

Date:  Abril 24 – May 31, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and M HKA, Antwerp

Flowers and wood. From the end of the 1970s, Bernd Lohaus often drew and painted the flower as motif, while at the same time presenting his monumental sculptures in wood in the public arena. He only showed them together on the rare occasion, as though in a way the one excluded the other.

It is in his text Aus der Blume das Holz, that Lohaus indeed establishes the coherence and proximity of these elements, the two coming together in the M HKA’s rotunda.

In the mid-1960s, Lohaus works out his texts on a typewriter, and the short, funny and sometimes absurd repeated signs and words go to form the start of a limited oeuvre of concrete poetry.

At the beginning of the Seventies, Lohaus decides to make paintings. He has large-sized canvases stretched and prepared. With a minimal intervention he linked the cloth to the space.

For this initial presentation – Aus der Blume das Holz – an arthistorical approach has been opted for. Alongside the canvases, a photograph shows what the work looked like.





Münster, 1995


Münster, 1995 (detail)


 Concrete Poëzie, 1965-66


Concrete Poëzie, 1965-66


Concrete Poëzie, 1965-66


Concrete Poëzie, 1965-66


Concrete Poëzie, 1965-66