Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Artists: Sarah Caillard, Etienne Courtois, Kasper De Vos, Douglas Eynon, Julien Goniche, Liesbeth Henderickx, Alejandra Hernandez, Sanam Khatibi, Klaas Vanhee

Exhibition title: Balls & Glory

Organized by: Sybille du Roy, Eléonore Jacquard, Stéphanie Jezierski & Julie Senden

Venue: Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgium

Date: January 15  – February 13, 2016

Photography: Hugard & Vanoverschelde, images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels

The staff of Rodolphe Janssen gallery is pleased to announce the opening of their next exhibition entitled Balls & Glory on January 14, 2016.

Following visits of fifty-some artists studios in Belgium, the gallery will present works by nine very diverse and emerging artists. The title of the exhibition not only refers to the eponymous restaurant in Ghent where the idea was born during a lunch meeting in between studio visits. It also underlines the ambition of these nine artists as well as the purpose of the show, to put a spotlight on talented artists who haven’t yet had many opportunities to showcase their works.

The aim of the exhibition is not to give an overview of the Belgian art scene; it is rather the result of ‘fieldwork’ in the art scene and a reflection of those things that caught our attention. One artist told us about another, and curators, journalists and collectors, at their turn, introduced us to new artists. Visiting artist studios is a crucial part of the activity of every galerist, and for this exhibition we had the opportunity and the luck to discover a great many.

After having organized a dozen exhibitions with young American artists at the gallery, many also in collaboration with the New York based Still House Group, this show will highlight a part of the young Belgian art scene. Nine artists with different backgrounds, each in their way, breathe new life into this artistic landscape.






Alejandra Hernández, Installation view of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Alejandra Hernández, Walrus, 2014


Julien Goniche, Installation view of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Klaas Vanhee, Untitled (Jesus with banana in right hand), 2015


Klaas Vanhee, Installation view of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Douglas Eynon, Installation view of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Douglas Eynon, Installation view of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen




Sarah Caillard, Installation of Balls & Glory at Rodolphe Janssen


Etienne Courtois, Still Life With Plastic Bag, 2013


Kasper De Vos, Toog, 2015


Kasper De Vos, Smostafeln chair & Cheese Lady, 2015


Douglas Eynon, Compromise, 2015


Liesbeth Henderickx, Kariatide, 2015


Sanam Khatibi, I left with bits of you stuck on my skin, 2015