Antonio R Montesinos at Internationalen Künstlerhauses Villa Concordia


Artists: Antonio R. Montesinos

Exhibition title: “Inopias – Veränderung des Maßstabes. Spekulative Modelle” (Inopias – Change of scale. Speculative models)

Venue: Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany

Date: October 14 – November 23, 2014

Photography: Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibition aims to go through the project Inopias, started by Antonio R Montesinos in 2012, which he is currently finishing at Villa Concordia. The exhibition offers the possibility to see some of the photographs from the series Inopias, several drawings from the series Igual Medida, the zine Afinidad Visual Operatoria as well as Fernweh, an installation of large proportions which is being built as a site-specific project from materials found both in the building and the streets of Bamberg. Furthermore, a text about the project written by Lorenzo Sandoval will also be presented on the opening day.

The series Igual medida keeps working on the idea of improvised construction from a pre-determined perspective. Here, these concepts are applied to the drawing and therefore the artist employs isometric stencils in order to improvise on them drawings of fictional constructions. Every drawing intends to be an exercise of freedom defying the perspective itself as a way of representation of reality from a particular point of view. One of the characteristics of isometric perspective is that, despite the location, the perception of the represented subject does not change. Given that there are not vanishing points, it allows endless points of view.

Last, but not least the zine Afinidad Visual Operatoria will also be presented. It compiles a part of the process of research of the project. It consists of a collection of diverse images under the form of a self-published zine. This publication, based on the methodology used by Aby Warburg in the montage and comparison of the varied images in order to find new narratives, gathers different urban patterns, ways of organizing the space and technical solutions deduced from the creative course of Inopias in the shape of a lateral and divergent thinking.