Anneke Eussen and Bram Braam at PARK

Artists: Anneke Eussen and Bram Braam

Exhibition title: Cycle

Venue: PARK, Tilburg, Belgium

Date: November 7 – December 20, 2020

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and PARK, Tilburg

CYCLE shows the work of Anneke Eussen (1978) and Bram Braam (1980) in a new, specially for PARK developed installation.

Bram Braam (NL, 1980) lives and works in Berlin for over ten years and draws his inspiration from this raw metropolitan environment. He reflects on this city and shows the many contrasts of it in his work. He collects the traces people leave and places them in new frameworks. Contrasts such as rich and poor, smooth and raw are brought together in a way that allows you to experience this. Placed in the right frame, rubble can evolve into poetry.

The works of Anneke Eussen (NL, 1978) also have a close relationship with the immediate world around us. Her architectural installations, objects and drawings are often constructed by reusing found objects and building materials. Eussen’s work is an investigation into the temporary shape of things and the traces of time that they carry with them.

The installation CYCLE consists of 200 pallets that have been brought together into a new architectural landscape in which contrasts such as construction and demolition, old and new, architecture and landscape are central and, in combination with the autonomous work of the two artists, will form a new complex.