Anke Weyer at Office Baroque


Artist: Anke Weyer

Exhibition title: Two Islands Are Better Than One

Venue: Office Baroque, Brussels, Belgium

Date: September 11 – November 7, 2015

Photography: © 2015 Sven Laurent – Let me shoot for you, images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Office Baroque, Brussels

Offce Baroque is pleased to present the frst individual exhibition in Europe of Anke Weyer at our gallery.

Anke Weyer (1974) studied at Frankfurt’s Staedelschule and at New York’s Cooper Union and has been living and working in New York since 1999. In the work of Anke Weyer, paint handling looks aggressive, but is an equilibrist combination of brushwork, rubbing, dripping, splattering, scratching and mark making, all in various degrees of transparency. The physical act of painting itself appears as a center from which meanings are scaled, codifed and represented. Her work incorporates process, history and modernism, as much as building on postmodernism and cartoon culture. With an and/and approach to painting, Weyer takes a distance from discrete postwar vocabularies and finds power in the emotive as well as performative spectra of abstract painting. Weyer is a strong colorist, with a preference for vivid pinks, reds, blues and yellows. Dense, large color blobs foat over occasional hints of figuration. Up close, her surfaces reveal incredibly rich texture and detail. With titles as diverse as Eggs All Day or ASAP already, her work is rooted in the quotidian, as much as it seems to find pleasure in the vocabulary of someone’s junk mail folder.

Anke Weyer recently completed a residency at the Elaine De Kooning studio in East Hampton. She has had recent solo shows at Harper’s Books East Hampton (2015) and Canada, New York (2013).

The exhibition Two Islands Are Better Than One will inaugurate Offce Baroque’s second gallery space on Ravensteinstraat 44 Rue Ravenstein. Concurrently our gallery on Bloemenhofplein 5 Place du Jardin aux Fleurs will present the first solo exhibition of Michael Rey.



Anke Weyer, Naked Train 5.01, 2015


Anke Weyer, Bourbon, 2014



Anke Weyer, Matches, 2015



Anke Weyer, ASAP Already, 2015




Anke Weyer, Speak, 2015


Anke Weyer, Emulsified, 2015