Amitiés at David Giroire

Artists: Julie Beaufils, Hans Bellmer, Bianca Bondi, Nicholas Grafia, Matthieu Haberard, Stanislao Lepri, Beatrice Marchi, Hubert Marot, Daniele Milvio, Francis Picabia, Clément Roche, Julie Villard, Simon Brossard

Exhibition title: Amitiés

Curated by: Exo Exo

Venue: David Giroire, Paris, France

Date: March 20 – April 6, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Exo Exo

Friendship is a fundamental social practice. It is defined through one’s attachment to a group as much as it could be the very origin of the groups’ existence. Its endurance is tested by the very nature of the bonds that define it. I’m getting closer to you because. I care about you because. I stay with you because. What calls it into existence is also what it brings to existence. Which is why friendship plays such an important role in practice. It is made of intentions, habits, comfort, challenge, benevolence. Forming a community in such a way to encompass all ambiguity; welcoming but narrow, gregarious yet bound.

Almost everything presented here is a story of connections, common interests, interactions. If affection is not reason enough to reflect and birth an exhibition, it nevertheless makes sense when it proves to be the luminous bystander of attractions that become exchanges, chance encounters that turn into projects. When the initial motivation – what do I get in return – becomes compassion, identification, emulation.

Friendship is the source of unbelievable situations, unbelievable force. A classic, it does not age and is the same as it was 100 years ago. Functioning as its own strength and support system. Reiterating the value of group structures through its necessary and untamed dimension. Our basic needs respond to one another. It is the basis of all trade, before the internationalization of trade, modern means of transport, internet consumption. I will trade you this for that. But still, I need to know you. Taking care and unfolding as a fantastic means of transmission. From you to me, from me to him, to her. A social tool, friendship activates differences and allows the emergence of the new in a climate other than that of distrust. I rely on you. You place your trust in us.

– Elisa Rigoulet