Alfredo Aceto at Colazione a Barriera

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Artist: Alfredo Aceto

Exhibition title: Something between Posthistoria and Prehistoria

Curated by: Stéphanie Serra

Venue: Colazione a Barriera, Turin, Italy

Date: November 6 – December 6, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy the artist and Colazione a Barriera

Something between Posthistoria and Prehistoria is a land. A place that Alfredo Aceto often visits. A territory full of mixed fragmented memories. One could not say that it’s a dreamed land, but more of a silent-chaotic place where time has extended its possibilities. It recalls the end of something: of an ideal city where the mechanics have taken over the rest. There is no life left, everything is ruined as in a post-apocalyptic movie. The only sound that remains is the one of a beast coming from underneath. The place is beautiful and of an extreme loneliness. Some traces of over there rise back in reality sometimes, when the artist talks about it, or when he recalls some of its décor with shapes. Alfredo Aceto moves from one territory to another. He navigates freely on the timeline. The fragments from the extracted land presented in Barriera is linked to all other territories that the artist works with, that all together constitute his own geography. An object, a little artefact from one place always opens the door to the next one.

The exhibition is curated by Stéphanie Serra.

The exhibition comes with a publication, and two fictional essays: Must Fish be fried? from Tristan Lavoyer and Un Racconto from Stéphanie Serra.

Alfredo Aceto (Torino*1991) studied Fine Arts at ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) and MSA (Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles). His work was presented at the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Kunsthaus Glarus and the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva.

(Audio from exhibition)

(Audio from exhibition)

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