Alexej Meschtschanow at Klemm’s

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Artist: Alexej Meschtschanow

Exhibition title:  two thousand profiles

Venue: Klemm’s, Berlin, Germany

Date:  April 30 – June 12, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and Klemm’s, Berlin

“Changing present into future has never been taken so for granted as it is today. One physically merges into a science fiction novel, with the only difference that we are not yet forced to wear these silver phosphorescing body suits. The so-called revolutions happen rather in a non-political zone. The disconnected virtual space that had been until recently the realm of sporadic thinkers, philosophers and clerics is now permeated by mycelia of (inter)medial data bases and (uber)social networks. When you reach your hand out to a young person, you not only reach out to a pupil, student or apprentice but maybe already to a representative of a new world race, a spokesperson of a de-personalized, de-authorized, de-localized, decapitated world dictatorship that will annihilate with soft pressure all these unfinished dreams as well as the derivatives of their unfinished realization.”

– Alexej Meschtschanow, 2015

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Mäuse, 2015

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two thousand profiles, 2015

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Missing boy, 2015