Aleksander Hardashnakov at Union Pacific

Artist: Aleksander Hardashnakov

Exhibition title: You Turn On Me

Venue: Union Pacific, London, UK

Date: March 18 – April 22, 2017

Photography: all images courtesy of the artist and Union Pacific, London

Note: Exhibition plan can be found here

Sometimes I wish my body was covered in scabs so I could lie around all day and pick them off.

MAGDALENA wrote a poem

It‘s just me
and the flies
and cigarettes
and the dark.

I asked my mother for her skeleton. Maybe I can ask my grandfather too, he is closer to death.

My grandmother wanted to see the redwood forest before she died. My mother planned the trip. She died before they went. Ann went to see her body, Frank was there, distraught, crying, she had never seen her brother so shaken. She used her phone to take a picture of Patricia‘s dead body lying on the kitchen floor. She looked beautiful. Harry went on the trip in place of his wife.

I‘d like to see the Redwood forest.

MAGDALENA says I‘m an amateur, a really old one, like a vampire that‘s been around for hundreds of years but is still a child.

My grandmother misses me. My mother says.

MAGDALENA lies in bed and scrolls 300 years into the future on her phone‘s calendar, it relaxes her, she makes plans for the year 2317.

-Aleksander Hardashnakov