Aleksander Hardashnakov at 1857

004-A_Hardashnakov-Birds chirping in winter

Artist: Aleksander Hardashnakov

Exhibition title: A Hole In The Life

Venue: 1857, Oslo, Norway

Date:  March 11 – April 17, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and 1857

A TREE KILLER LIVES HERE. Bits of branch and leaf. Carved into the sidewalk out front. Death radiating from the place I’d hidden it.

He took the hatchet and walked me deeper into the forest until we came across a fallen tree. He had spotted me from a distance… “Hey! Stop that!” How could I have missed it for so long?

I’d been in a new house for six months when I noticed it. I don’t know if I was angry or sad, if I wanted to feel detached or if I really was detached. I filled clear glass bottles with the remnants. I filled the bottles with water and screwed the caps tight. I gave the bottles as gifts. I knew I had started something I had to finish. I looked at the spot I’d been chopping. I looked back over my shoulder. I stood there and read it over and over again. I tossed it to the corner. I’ve been living with it ever since.

I wanted to carve myself a little sailboat from its bark. I was. My eyes followed the trunk all the way to its crown. Reminding me I was no-good. So I cut it down and chopped it into small pieces. Sun shining through the leaves.

The stump, dried brittle roots clinging to a clump of soil. There the remains would die and rot. Unceremoniously I dragged it from my parents’ bedroom, brought it to a small cinder block fluorescent-lit room. Wrapped in a black garbage bag.

000-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

001-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

002-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

003-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

004-A_Hardashnakov-Birds chirping in winter

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Birds chirping in Winter, 2016

005-A_Hardashnakov-7day headache

Aleksander Hardashnakov, 7 day headache, 2016

006-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

007-A_Hardashnakov-If and only but should ought must

Aleksander Hardashnakov, If and only but should ought must, 2016

008-A_Hardashnakov-The first visit

Aleksander Hardashnakov, The first visit, 2016

009-A_Hardashnakov-Polluted sunset

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Polluted sunset, 2016

010-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

011-A_Hardashnakov-Machine in the ghost

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Machine in the ghost, 2016

012-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main

013-A_Hardashnakov-Little rabbit

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Little rabbit, 2016

014-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-main


Aleksander Hardashnakov, Aborting delta (with Wendy H?), 1990 – 2016

016-A_Hardashnakov-Straggling star

Aleksander Hardashnakov, straggling star, 2016

017-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-front

018-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-front

019-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-front

020-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-front

021-A_Hardashnakov-Remove the body

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Remove the body 1, 2016

022-A_Hardashnakov-White Picket cross

Aleksander Hardashnakov, White pickett cross, 2016

023-A_Hardashnakov-Your eyes are bloodshot

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Your eyes are bloodshot, 2016


Aleksander Hardashnakov, Caterpillar, 2016

025-A_Hardashnakov-A_Hardashnakov-Remove the body2

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Remove the body 2, 2016

026-A_Hardashnakov-Alex Janssen1 and 2

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Alex Janssen’s monarch, 2016, Alex Janssen’s demon, 2016

027-A_Hardashnakov-Charlie and I play

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Charlie and I play hangman on my arm with whisky and ink, 2016

028-Aleksander Hardashnakov-1857-front

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Assorted cut-outs, 2016