Ábris Gryllus at Horizont Gallery

Artist: Ábris Gryllus

Exhibition title: Trust

Venue: Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Date: July 4 – 19, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Horizont Gallery

Data based installations that are processing our natural or artificial environment’s phenomena in order to present them through a certain medium are really capable of showing new aspects, revealing hidden correlations and contents of the known world. What is the most accurate way to process, and accurately articulate the presence of nature’s forces, while still taking into consideration their cultural context? The main focuses of TRUST installation are the paradoxical feature of gravity, the Moon’s sphere of influence and its contradictions.

Even though we know how planets affect us we only have a very slight empirical knowledge about them. The contradiction lies in that we have ample scientific knowledge of nature’s phenomena but we are still incapable of really sensing them for the most part – which is perhaps the reason why we attach a multitude of beliefs and concepts to them. Mankind has always had a visual contact with the Moon and by now, the knowledge amassed by modern astrophysics is also part of our collective consciousness. Perhaps this lack of first-hand experience is why the Moon is in the focus of so many beliefs, esoteric concepts, conspiracy theories and superstitions.

TRUST is focusing on how data based installations can be presented and mapping the borders of ‘state’ type works in the sense of their extension in time from a recipient’s point of view. It researches the limits of our hearing by measuring what the smallest changes in frequency and amplitude are, that we are capable of hearing in a given frame of time. The installation puts the observer under the simple effect of a natural phenomenon’s state without any technological or theoretical explanation. It collects and processes astrophysics data, and translates it into a sonic output and sound field.