Ab-Stretching the Canvas at Jeanine Hofland

Gino Saccone

Artists: Andrea Kvas, Mohamed Namou, Alek O., Gino Saccone, Yonatan Vinitsky, Jessica Warboys

Exhibition title:  Ab-Stretching the Canvas

Venue: Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: November 27 – January 24, 2015

Photography: Courtesy of the artists and Jeanine Hofland


“So what would be your definition of painting these days?”
“Its tripping on traditions. Let’s say psychedelic, but high on past-isms”
“Your lost in the lush of stylisms?”
“Lost to define my way out there, yes”
“Have you heard about the MOMA exhibition?”
“You mean that Forever Now thing, they are organizing to define contemporary painting, the one you mentioned on your Facebook time line?”
“Yes that one! They talk about A-Temporality to define contemporary painting. The now is in a way a hybrid of history’
“So painting steps out of a time frame. And we allow all stylistic directions as contemporary relevant?”
“Yes…and btw I guess we have to start prepping our futurist fantasies”
“:-) >_< xD”
“No but seriously what about painting beyond the limits of the used labels of painting itself?”
“You mean painting embracing, or even becoming another medium?”
“Yes isn’t a lot of painting taking a leap out of the traditional framework, both conceptually and literarily” “Could be. So we should just stop talking about painting in general?”
“Well history has proven that painting is a Phoenix so that might go too far”
“yes but isn’t it all together arising within the current melting pot of media?”
“Taking on new forms, new media you mean?”
“yes somewhat like stretching the boundaries ..”
“Traveling in space instead of time you mean?”
“This conversation is getting abstract…”
“Maybe Ab-Stretching fixed boundaries….?”

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Jeanine Hofland proudly presents the group exhibition Ab-Stretching the Canvas. The exhbition brings together the works of Andrea Kvas, Mohamed Namou, Alek O., Gino Saccone, Yonatan Vinitsky and Jessica Warboys and revolves around the potential of the medium of painting beyond the assumption of a fixed tradition. The artists within the exhibition stretch and question the traditional boundaries of the two dimensional framework, by putting a strong emphasis on spatial abilities and its relation towards other media. They flirt with the suggestion of painting, but simultaneously subvert its static presence and meaning as such.

Installation view front space (1)

Alek O.

Installation view front space 2

Andrea Kvas 2

Andrea Kvas 1

installation view back space (1)

Yonatan Vinitsky

installation view back space (3)

Mohamed Namou

installation view back space (2)

Jessica Warboys