Hayley Silverman at Bodega

Artist: Hayley Silverman Exhibition title: Unmanned Lander Venue: Bodega, New York, US Date:  February 22 – March 29, 2015 Photography: Courtesy of the artist and Bodega, New York A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief -T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland, 1922 The silhouette cast … Read more

Lands’ End at Bodega

Artists: Patrick Armstrong, Alisa Baremboym, Mia Goyette, Zoe Latta, Josephine Pryde, Dena Yago Exhibition title:  Lands’ End Organized by: Dena Yago Venue: Bodega, New York, US Date: January 11 – February 15, 2015 Photography: Courtesy of the artists and Bodega I watched a metal milk jug roll down the sidewalk and into the gutter. When righted, … Read more

Three Cups Fragrance at Bodega

Artists: Elizabeth Atterbury, Moyra Davey, Lukas Geronimas, Oto Gillen, Tom Humphreys, Kyle Thurman Exhibition title: Three Cups Fragrance Venue: Bodega, New York, US Date: November 21 – December 21, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Bodega Three Cups Fragrance is a pan-fired green tea with a dark green to silver-grey sheen. Named for its three unique infusions, … Read more