Bodysplits at SALTS

Artists: Nina Beier, Morgan Courtois, Jesse Darling, Cathy Josefowitz, Judith Kakon, Oliver Laric, Kris Lemsalu, Julie Monot, Pakui Hardware, Puppies Puppies, Mia Sanchez, Dorian Sari, Diamond Stingily

Exhibition title: Bodysplits

Curated by: Samuel Leuenberger and Elise Lammer, assisted by Simon Würsten Marin

Venue: SALTS, Birsfelden, Switzerland

Date: June 13 – August 24, 2019

Photography: Gunnar Meier Photography / Courtesy: SALTS & the Artists

Note: Full press release can be found here

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, SALTS is proud to present the work of thirteen artists in an exhibition that invites the public to think about the body in new ways. For a long time, artists have challenged the traditional image of the body, both as subject and object, to explore and reflect upon identity. In recent years, we have been witnessing a shift in the representation of the body in artistic practices, supported, among other by a resurgence of figuration in painting, sculpture and other media. This is visible among a generation of artists who approach the body–sometimes dismembered, distorted, augmented, remodelled, absent– as a way to explore questions both personal and political.